September 7, 2013 | The Blackboard Nails

The Blackboard Nails (Boston, MA)
  • Genre: Rock / Indie Rock
  • Members: Eric Deneen (Guitar / Vox), Ryan Ennis (Drums), Rosie Huntress (Bass / Vox), & Mark McCarthy (Guitar / Vox)
  • Sounds Like: The Black Keys, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (Official Page), The Pretty Reckless

Combine the unique voice of frontman Eric Deneen, tasteful guitars of Mark McCarthy, and grooves of Rosie Huntress (bass) and Ryan Ennis (drums) and you have the gritty soulful rock & roll of "The Blackboard Nails" - where the guitars are loud, the music & grooves churn, and the lead-singer bears his soul to the world. TBN have their own identifiable sound - a dirty, distorted, soulful affair - tastefully abrasive and honest.

The Blackboard Nails - "Slow Down"

TBN's DIY work ethic is evident based on the band's accomplishments to date. TBN has toured Canada. They have toured the U.K. twice, playing Liverpool's Sound City Festival, recorded with producer Kato Khandwala (The Pretty Reckless, Paramore, among others) resulting in their single "Slow Down", as they continue to write and play clubs throughout the Northeast - delivering the goods to their fans in personam and gaining momentum with each show, each recording, each step and achievement along their path. While TBN draws influence from late 60's and 70's british invasion, make no mistake, TBN's style and sound is uniquely all their own, and the band is out to prove it on their own terms.

We like what we hear in The Blackboard Nails and the band is only now beginning. Help us spread the word about The Blackboard Nails ~ The Blackboard Nails on Reverbnation or The Blackboard Nails Official Website

Spotlight on Eric Deneen: As a lead singer, Eric Deneen has a unique voice and is a definite talented wordsmith. Deneen writes lyrics from his own perspective and a point of view which evokes provocative mental imagery. As a vocalist, Deneen possesses an instantly identifiable voice. The way he stretches, bends, and molds lyric & melody through his vocal phrasing creates a truly interesting listening experience. In the end, Deneen's identifiable voice and vocal style are his own which sets him apart. Robert Gilmore, Esq., Soundwerkz Entertainment

September 10 2013 | "Chickens Pigs"An "Acoustic Play" Release & Soundwerkz Exclusive Interview with Brian Smalley

Brian Smalley (Apopka, FL) - Acoustic / Folk

Release : "Chickens Pigs" (Acoustic Play)

Genre: It is not really possible or proper to define "Chickens Pigs" in terms of a musical genre because of its experimental nature in that it is an "Acoustic "Play." In terms Brian Smalley's music and style - it is Acoustic / Folk. The CD Release is better explained by Brian himself in the Exclusive Soundwerkz Interview.

Description: "Chickens Pigs" is an acoustic "Play" set in Florida during the American Civil War - a work of historical fiction set to acoustic music.

Story: The story is of Confederate Calvaryman, Son Calaway, told through the original songs and "Letters" read by a talented cast over original music of old-time tunes interpreted / performed by Briand. In its entirety "Chickens Pigs" reveals a plot reminiscent of a William Faulkner novel.

Soundwerkz Interview: READ THE EXCLUSIVE SOUNDWERKZ INTERVIEW WITH BRIAN SMALLEY HERE Brian provides a bit his insight and vision into what "Chickens Pigs" represents and what went into making the ambitious and experimental release. Brian is a truly gifted musician and artist in the acoustic, folk, bluegrass and old-time music fields. If you enjoy Brian's work "Chickens Pigs" Visit Brian Smalley on Facebook - "like" his music and share the discovery with your friends. Chickens Pigs is also available on CDBaby and iTunes.

August 25, 2013 | AdrienneO

AdrienneO (Denver, CO) Electro Pop

Members (Left to Right): Justin Long (Guitar), Adrienne Osborn (Vocals/Bass Guitar), Craig DeLeone (Drums, Keys, and Percussion). Influences: The band cites Florence + the Machine, MS MR, OneRepublic, and Haim, among others. First Impressions: AdrienneO recently released their debut EP - "Superchromatic." The band's sound is a fusion of keyboard and synth-driven pop performed by a real band (if that makes any sense?). Bassist & front-woman Adrienne Osborn's voice is rich and powerful with presence and range. The entire EP is well-written and well-performed, but to me the standout track is "Two and Two" with its undeniable melody and lyrical hooks. Superchromatic shows the band at the beginning of their creative output and it is definitely worth the price of admission. Given the strength of the debut EP and the level of talent and skill of the musicians involved, I venture to believe the best is yet to come from AdrienneO. Share the word: Discover AdrienneO and help us spread the word on a cool new band:

August 16, 2013 : | Hatfield McCoy

Hatfield McCoy (Washington, DC) Americana Roots Rock

Having formed just over a year ago, the members of Hatfield McCoy each bring their own pedigree to the band. The recently released debut EP "Western Skies" is a tastefully written and well performed set - rich with hammond organ supporting multiple musical voices & Aaron Claxton's vocal and lyrics - the EP is a slice of slow-burn Americana performed with soul and craftmanship. Find out more about the band and help us spread the word by heading over to Hatfield McCoy On Facebook Band Members -> Aaron Claxton (vocals, electric/acoustic guitars); Jared Wilayto (lead guitars); Jake Jarrard (organ, keys, vocals); Kraig Decker (bass/pedal steel, vocals); Robert Cooke (drums); and Julz (Sax).


An Independent American Rock & Roll Band & Grass Roots Challenge for fans of rock and roll.

Twelve (12) years later and I felt it worthwhile to revisit perhaps one of the most under-rated independent American rock bands of the early 2000's - self-described as "Neo-Rock and Roll/Soul Survivalists" Boston's own Babystrange is an independent American rock band who wrote and recorded some truly incredible rock music that continues to stand the test of time. Influenced by the British Invasion of the 60's and 70's Babystrange is straight-forward, dirty, soulful, rock & roll.

I was recently reminded why I fell in love with Babystrange in 2001 and why I remain a huge fan and supporter today when I came across Babystrange's 2003 independent album release (and then spent the next week with the album on repeat in my CD player). Lead singer Eric Deneen's voice and the way he phrases the song lyrics are a defining element of the band's identity and sound. But importantly, Deneen's partnership with equally talented musicians formed one of those bands who were able to capture magic together as a band - a unique band that was larger than the sum of the individual players. Some of the magic I refer to can be heard on Babystrange's songs like: "Put Out"; "Everybody Wants You"; "Cynthia"; "Jukebox Queen"; "Suicide Girl" among others.

Fan Challenge: I would recommend and challenge fans of rock music to search out Babystrange on the Internet - listen to the band's music - and if you like what you hear - the challenge is to join in a grass-roots effort to share the word about the band, to encourage the band directly to re-issue their prior releases, and to let the band know their fans want more Babystrange songs! And maybe, just maybe, with the support of fans (old and new), we can encourage the band to get back in the studio for some brand new material. Why now? Simply and for no other reason than I (as a fan) truly believe the band, their music, and their story deserves to be heard. And given the means to make it happen via the online social networks - it's easier than ever to discover, listen to, and spread the word on Babystrange.

Where To Start: For those interested in joining the grass-roots challenge & efforts, the below facebook page link is a good place to start (and don't forget to tell the band you are reaching out and posting as part of the grass-roots fan challenge):

Band Members: Eric Deneen, Ryan Ennis, Tim Hare, J. Brown, Hugh Wyman, Jason Horvath, and Kris Ehrig. Influences : Motown, Stax, Lou Reed, Stooges, The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Sly Stone, David Bowie, Elvis Costello.

REAL DEAL SERIES - VOL II Posted - See below for the 2nd Installment in the Soundwerkz "Real Deal Series" featuring a brief tribute to a legend in country music, George Glenn Jones (1931-2013). CLICK HERE TO GO DIRECT TO THE NEW REAL DEAL ARTICLE (or just scroll on down to the bottom lands) .

JUNE 2013 ARTIST UPDATE - NEIL ALDAY & FURTHER SOUTH have finished tracking their as yet untitled Debut EP with multi-platinum producer John Kurzweg. John is currently mixing the EP. We are hoping for a late-summer release date. Contact TERRY CLARK for more information.

NEW VISUAL ARTS FEATURES: Recognizing many musicians (including a few of our long-time friends) possess talents in more than one art form (and for something a bit different) we thought it would be cool to run a few "visual-art" features showcasing the works of these talented artists

NEW EMAIL SAME AS THE OLD EMAIL. To Contact Rob Gilmore you can once again E-mail Rob at his original Soundwerkz Email Address:



DAVID LAREAU AND THE COPPERPOTS (Tallahassee, FL). A sincere talent with mad songwriting skills. MEMBERS: David Lareau, Kelly Chavers, Erik Wutz, Tom Wilson. The Band's Website Cites - SOUNDS LIKE: Snow Patrol, Augustana, Noel Gallagher, Coldplay, Ryan Adams.

Hats off to David Lareau and the Copperpots for the robust, meaningful, and beautiful songs. David Lareau's voice is honest without pretense. Impressive is the band's lack of fear to deliver richly layered arrangements that combine a multitude of instrumental and musical elements all mixed to perfection with David Lareau's honest vocals & beautiful harmonies. Combined, the band serves up a variety of sonic landscapes at once creative, interesting, and infectious. The skill and songwriting talent are obvious - from the americana meets britpop of "The Rising" to the haunting nature of "Rainy Days" and onward through "Black and Blue" where the band ventures into a musical neighborhood closer to Jeff Lynn. Needless to say, I am now a huge fan of David Lareau and the Copperpots. - Rob Gilmore

Check out: "Rainy Days" (chosen for its artistic expression, beautiful melody, harmony, arrangement, and its showcase of David Lareau's unique knack and love for haunting distortion-filled sustained guitar swells), and "The Rising" (chosen for its radio-friendly infectious britpop melody and showcase of David Lareau's voice. If I were a fly on a wall, I would guess "The Rising" is the front runner for first single). Help us spread the word about David Lareau and the Copperpots! This is quality music the world needs to hear and experience.

02 Rainy Days by David Lareau

01 The Rising by David Lareau

  • * Jan 2013: "Hugs From Distant Neighbors" debut album is released (Produced by Noel Hartough, Mixed by John Kurzweg).
  • * FRIDAY (APRIL 19, 2013) on the Mainstage at Florida Music Festival (Orlando, Florida).
  • * Feb 2013: The band's debut album officially added to Pandora Radio. Search "David Lareau and The Copperpots" on Pandora, then "Like" the Band's Channel and help spread the word!
  • * 2012 Songwriter Award from WCTV.

Learn more about the band and listen to more at


The Revivalists (New Orleans, LA).

Formed in 2007, The Revivalists are poised to reach a nationwide fanbase with their new track "Criminal" in current rotation on Sirius/XM's "Jam On" channel. The vocals, songwriting, obvious musical skills, and their touring / festival schedule bear witness to band's deserved status as a rising force in the jam band and rock world. The band's songs have been featured on MTV, Paste Magazine's Music Sampler, and as mentioned their new single "Criminal" is in rotation on Sirius/XM Satellite Radio. Band Members: David Shaw (Vocals), Ed Williams (Pedal Steel Guitar). Zack Feinberg (Guitar), Rob Ingraham (Saxophone), George Gekas (Bass Guitar), Andrew Campanelli (Drums), and Michael Girardot (Keyboards/Trumpet). Press: The band was named " Best Emerging Artist" (2011) and nominated for " Best Rock Act" (2012) in Gambit Magazine's Big Easy Awards. Rolling Stone Senior Editor, David Fricke, called the band's performance at the legendary New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival "a Crescent City-rhythm spin on jam-band jubilee" - David Fricke, Rolling Stone Senior Editor .

Soundwerkz Song Thoughts Re: "Criminal": The distinctive ring of the snare drum during the intro first caught my ear. But it was the groove, the lyrics, and the tone of David Shaw's voice and vocal performance that really drew me into the song (particularly during the chorus). All of the above combine to make a great song. Needless to say - I was impressed! The song's chorus (which is much like a verse) really stuck in my mind. The band is from New Orleans, so my gut feeling is The Revivalists will bring some interesting flavors and influences to create their own unique musical prism. I encourage everyone to learn more about The Revivalists at & help spread the word on a cool band. Management is Hardhead Management (Mgt Contact: Adam Kowalski).


Neil Alday & Farther South (Florida)

"Live Notes" - 03/09/2013 - Club LA (Destin, FL). I sincerely appreciated the invitation from the band to their Destin show. This was the first time for me to see the band. The performance Neil and the band delivered rocked the club! I absolutely enjoyed the band's set. It was inspiring to witness the re-emergence of Neil Alday as songwriter and frontman. The rhythm section of Dale Shumate (bass) & Terry Clark (drums) was rock solid, and equally impressive was Dave Lareau on lead guitar. Neil Alday is a young artist returning to the stage with renewed energy and direction. Neil is an established songwriter and the new songs did not dissappoint. There were some definite gems in the set and Neil's strong vocals, songs, and the band's performance definitely won the crowd. Of the songs, one of my personal favorites is the ballad "Florida" with its undeniable melody and rememberable chorus lyric. Band Members: Neil Alday (Lead Vox, Rhythm Guitar); David Lareau (Lead Guitar/Vox), Dale Shumate (Bass Guitar/Vox), Terry Clark (Drums/Vox) Album News: The band's debut album should be released this summer. We've requested an advance copy in hopes of grabbing the scoop for Soundwerkz as one of the first e-zine's to review the album. Learn more and spread the love for Neil and Farther South - Visit Neil On Facebook

FIRST A&R PICK OF 2013 | NOISEHEADS (Pensacola, Florida) Alternative/Grunge/Chops Rock/Power Trio.

March 16, 2013 - Noiseheads' Update: The band reports their debut album to be among the best selling albums on The band released their debut album last week (March 8, 2013). More updates to come.

Dec. 26, 2012 | Noiseheads (Pensacola, FL). Soundwerkz is proud to introduce a young (19-20 yr olds) aggressive and passionate Alt-Rock-Grunge Trio at the starting line of their career. When major-label rock promotional reps are calling about the first demo mp3 submitted - you gotta feel like something good is happening. We've posted a couple of audio/video samples below - the initial video of the song "Expectations" and stream of "This Kind of Life"

Noiseheads: "Expectations" Video

listen to new music This Kind of Life by Noiseheads

Our gut feeling is the Noisheads have a real opportunity to become a major success story - this young band has the potential to blow up at alternative-rock radio. While there is no mistaking the band's influences, the band also brings singles, songwriting, youth, passion, energy, musical chops, and an intelligent writing style which is their own and which will continue to develop. Yes - they are very young; Yes - they are raw, aggressive, passionate, and energetic; Yes we love their sound and songs; Yes - they will be compared to Nirvana and other 90's grunge/rock; Yes - rock radio and listeners will love them. After two years in the woodshed, the band is putting the finishing touches on their initial independent release "1994" and the band continues to write, write, and write more. Since the release of the "Expectations" video a few weeks ago, several college and commercial radio stations and press have taken notice. The band did a recent "live" on-air radio interview with 91.9 FM in Quincy, CA and more are to follow as word about the Noiseheads spreads.

CONTACT: ROB GILMORE, ESQ. Tel: (850) 259-5605 or E-Mail

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THE REAL DEAL SERIES is a new Soundwerkz Series of articles or editorial features on artists who have stood the test of time, who are authentic, who have made real and lasting contributions to music, regardless of their commercial success. The Real Deal contains artists from ALL GENRES.


JULY 5, 2013 | GEORGE JONES On April 26, 2013 the world lost a legend of country music. Musician, singer and songwriter George Glenn Jones (aka "the Possum"). The nickname "Possum" was first pinned to Jones (apparently because of the shape of his nose and his facial features) by two old-time country radio disc-jockeys doing all-night radio shows in the late 50's & early 60's.

While I've always appreciated and been a fan of several of George Jones' bigger hit songs, I must be honest that I've never been a close fan of George Jones' and I am not that knowledgeable with his larger body of work or career. However, I grew up listening to George Jones because my parents were big fans. From a very young age I grew familiar with George Jones' voice and songs of the time. Having been indoctrinated with gospel and country music (not to mention Elvis) from such a young age, George Jones and later the "Outlaw Country" artists of the time all are part of my musical roots.

I recently heard "Still Doin' Time" (featured below) on XM/Sirius (about the only place one will still hear music from this time period or genre). This song is one of my favorite George Jones tracks (written by Michael Heeney and John Moffat). It was a #1 radio hit for Jones in 1981 on the album "Still the Same Ole Me" (Epic Records). Listening to this classic late 70's era country track with its gospel overtones, classic country/gospel melodies, "tear in my beer" lyrics, and Jones' distinctive voice and vocal phrasing, I started thinking about how much George Jones influenced country music and other country artists - from peers like Johnny Cash (and a bit later, Waylon Jennings) to the group of artists who would later form the core of the "Outlaw Country" movement to current country artists like Jamey Johnson.

George Jones - "Still Doin' Time" (Important Note: this is classic 1970's era country music. It is NOT contemporary in any shape, form, or fashion. If you are curious and want to hear what classic late 1970's era country music sounds like, hit play and enjoy (or not) depending on your likes and dislikes.

To me, George Jones was best known (or will be remembered by me) for a certain subtle "moan" in his voice and the way he used it to accent the song lyrics and which formed the way he phrased the lyrics (Jones likely picked up the technique from his own idol, Hank Williams, Sr., and modified it to make it his own - just my speculation). If you listen to certain country music, you will hear other artists pay tribute to that "George Jones' Moan" and style of vocal phrasing - but it's very subtle so if you are not familiar with George Jones you probably won't recognize it or even recognize that the artist is actually paying tribute to Jones.

Between Jones' first studio album "Grand Ole Opry's New Star" (1957 | Starday Records) and his last studio album "Burn Your Playhouse Down - The Unreleased Duets" (2008 | Bandit Records), Jones recorded a staggering (by today's standards) sixty (60) studio albums, two (2) "Live" albums, six (6) compilations, countless other recordings, and along the way scored fourteen (14) #1 Country Radio hits (according to Wikipedia). Jones received about every honor and award a country musician can receive including being given the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2012. There can be no doubt that George Jones was a legend in and of Country Music.

This short article is intended only as a brief tribute to a legendary country musician, singer, and songwriter whose musical legacy and body of work continues to influence country music. George Jones was the real deal. For a more in-depth and informative review on George Jones check out George Jones on Wikipedia.

P.S. I (Rob) realize the Real Deal Series has thus far featured two country artists (Billy Joe Shaver and George Jones). Perhaps this is because my earliest musical roots are steeped in gospel and country music, but rest assured the rock is coming. Rob Gilmore, Contributing Editor, Soundwerkz Entertainment - a Music E-Zine and Independent A&R Website & Company. Review More Archived Artists.


Introducing: The East Village Vampire

JULY 25, 2012 | THE EAST VILLAGE VAMPIRE (Melbourne, Australia). From Australia, indie artist The East Village Vampire brings inspired songs and a testament to honesty and vulnerability in his writing and vocal style. I was taken with how well crafted the songs, arrangements, and performances are - not to mention how much I truly liked the musicality and vocals. With over 1,500 followers on Soundcloud and growing each day, many fellow musicians and fans alike have already discovered the Vampire.

listen to new music "LIVING UNDER THE SAME SKIES" Living Under The Same Skies by The East Village Vampire

listen to new rock bands "SIX FEET DOWN" Six Feet Down by The East Village Vampire


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Introducing : The Foothill Tribe

JULY 18, 2012 - THE FOOTHILL TRIBE (the "Tribe"). Alternative psychedelic progressive rock. Check out the band's sounds and listener reviews at SOUNDCLOUD.COM/FOOTHILLTRIBE Doing things on their own terms, The Tribe is steadily gaining followers on SoundCloud (over 500 followers in 4 months) and expanding its online presence and social media outlets. The feedback from fans is testimony to the Band's unique sound and genre blending style. Check out the latest upload "World Upside Down" and follower's comments below.

"WORLD UPSIDE DOWN" World Upside Down by foothilltribe

"THESE ARE THE DAYS" These Are The Days by foothilltribe

"TRAVELING SONG" Traveling Song by foothilltribe


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AUGUST 24, 2012: WOLV3S (Portsmouth) Wolv3s caught my ear by his performance of traditional "Country Blues." By "Country Blues" I am referring to the field songs and call-and-response style blues (with little or no instrumentation) throughout the rural south at the turn of the 20th century prior to the mass migration of people north seeking jobs in the growing industrialized cities of the North, which resulted in development of "City Blues" and later jazz, big band, etc. Check out the song "SHIVREN" which is only harp and vocal. I found WOLV3S different, interesting, and thought provoking and thought I would share the news because you just don't hear any artist (especially a young artist) doing this style of blues music anywhere. It is such a bygone style. MORE INFO ON WOLV3S HERE

listen to new music "SHIVREN"

AUGUST 23, 2012: NEW EMERGING ARTISTS FEATURED. Check out new bands and new music from HATFIELD MCCOY and MURDER OF TRUTH

AUGUST 16, 2012: NEW ALTERNATIVE ARTIST COMMONZENZ ADDED. In addition to the Add, we thought this video from CommonZenz was cool for both the "live" performances by CommonZenz and the dance performance by the FAMU Strikers.

COMMONZENZ performs two original songs ("Revolution") and ("I Can't Wait") as part of WORLD BALLET'S - "ROCK THE DIAMOND," with dance performances by THE FAMU STRIKERS. Video produced by Gainesville Florida Dance-Filmmaker Salam Tims.

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AUGUST 4, 2012, HEAVY MEDAL: Linkin Park co-producer and co-lead vocalist Mike Shinoda has composed the original in-game scores for Electronic Arts’ upcoming video game, MEDAL OF HONOR WARFIGHTER, from Danger Close Games. In addition, the band’s warrior-inspired “Castle of Glass,” is included on their recently released chart-topping Warner Bros. album, Living Things. Consistent with the dramatic themes and authentic action within the game, the song looks at the life of a soldier, while the forthcoming video, which will debut in Oct., elaborates on the many sacrifices they and their families make. The clip is the result of direct collaboration between members of Linkin Park and Danger Close Games. Produced by Digital Domain and Danger Close, it will feature a mix of live action footage edited with gameplay recordings taken from the Medal of Honor Warfighter, which comes out in North America Oct. 23. (8/2p).

JULY 27, 2012 - INDUSTRY NEWS ARTICLE: POP GOES THE CUTTING EDGE: People are talking about how pop the Green Day, Killers and No Doubt singles are—an apparent manifestation of the dramatic revitalization of the Modern Rock format in recent months .... [m]any believe Dualtone’s Lumineers or Republic’s Of Monsters and Men will be the next alt-rock band to cross over and break wide open. (HitsDailyDouble 7/26p)

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UPDATE JUNE 2012: Now signed to eONE Music. Their second album “War Of Angels” (produced by John Karkazis - Staind, Sevendust, Disturbed, Three Doors Down, more) was released on last summer. The band is currently on tour with FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH and they continue the road grind. Rock Radio is onboard with their latest single. We also note the band co-wrote a track with Mick Mars and the video can be viewed at POPEVIL.COM.

Reserved For Future Content

CAGE THE ELEPHANT (Formerly known as "Perfect Confusion") signed to SONY ENTERTAINMENT. As "Perfect Confusion" the band was featured on Soundwerkz (January, 2005). Reminiscent of Beck meets Blind Melon, Joy Division, mix a little Jet and a pinch of Sublime and it's a very hip thing. "BEAT YOUR EARDRUMS" sounds like an IPOD Commercial waiting to happen (which, given the power of that media, could launch the band into the stratoshere on its own merit). "LIVE FOR THE DAY" is a fresh sound. Guitar tones and musicianship are superb. The lyric and song are rather infectious and both grow on you.

FEB. 2011 UPDATE: The band's sophomore release is in stores and we will be doing a bit of commentary (as a project of sorts) giving our opinions on record label politics, radio airplay, sales numbers and the affect of the foregoing on the artistry, vision, and writing of the band. These guys are one of my favorite bands based on their original demos (which never made their 1st record) as well as the tracks that made the first record (simply a superb album!).


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Sept. 10, 2013 > READ THE SOUNDWERKZ EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH BRIAN SMALLEY about his 2013 Release "CHICKENS PIGS," an acoustic play set in the civil war - Visit Brian Smalley on Facebook.

August 26, 2013 > BABYSTRANGE FAN CHALLENGE - Check out the Babystrange Revisited Editorial below, and join us in telling Babystrange we want to hear more material from the band!

August 2013 (Update August 26, 2013) NEW MUSIC IS ON THE WAY! We've received a lot of great submissions over the past couple of months and we appreciate each of them. We've got new features and reviews coming shortly. Check back often and we will be posting these and other new artists and music soon.

MAY 17, 2013: UPLUG.TV VENTURE RADIO SHOW TOMORROW - FRIDAY, MAY 17 at 2.30pm (EDT) or 3:30 (CDT) with Beckski from Planet Beckski. FEATURED BANDS: The Grenadiers, The Foothill Tribe, Sonic Stereo Club, HypnoBeam, Mixfitz International, DJ Nunzio & Claudio Ciccone Bros.

BECKSKI (U.K.) Tune in online for "Beckski's Bonanza" every Friday Night on Venture Radio (United Kingdom)

MAY 14 2013: Uplug TV & Venture Radio (UK) Montse Perez (of UPlug.TV) has teamed up with Beckski (from Planet Beckski) to broadcast unsigned music on Venture Radio each Friday night @ 8.30mp (UK Time). Venture Radio can be heard online and goes out via FM on The Mill Radio across the Isle of Man as well as the App "Tunein Radio." Venture Radio is based in the UK and fully licensed with an established listener base. Tune in this coming Friday, May 17th at Venture Radio (Friday afternoon at 2:30pm (CST) or 3:30pm (EST) for Beckski's show)

A DIFFERENT TYPE OF FEATURE COMING SOON. We have a couple of new features that are different coming soon. The new features will showcase drawings and paintings from two talented musicians who are also talented painters (BOBBY SELVAGGIO & LEE MULLINS). Check back as we will be featuring a few jpegs of these two artists paintings and/or drawings. Cool stuff.

FEB 2013: THE GRAMMYS. I enjoyed the Grammys this year. It was refreshing to see some new faces in the rock artist categories this year.

WHO SAYS ROCK HAS FLED? Is rock returning to its beginnings as a sub-culture? Or is it that rock is so far along in the life cycle of the genre that it has become over-sold to the point that the labels who still invest in and put out rock albums are approaching generic status in terms of putting out basically the same brand/style of musical sound but with slightly different trim packaging?

Do any 15 - 25 year olds really care about the musicians in the new rock bands, whose songs they download for free? Just asking silly questions . . . we certainly have no answers, but somebody needs to ask these questions. Perhaps a study should be funded.

It is undeniable a cultural shift has occurred. Is there an upside to the download?

JAN-FEB 2013 Intellectual Property as we know it is no more. A good friend of mine (and long time music producer, artist, musician, and computer guru) said those words to me a few months back, and the more I think on his position, the more I think he might just be right - at least in terms of protectng audio recordings.

FEB 20, 2013: I recently heard a comment on this issue by Mrs. Wilson the other day during an interview with HEART about the band's selection to headline an upcoming 1st ever YOUTUBE "LIVE" Concert event with an expected viewership in the 100s of Millions Online (that's insane). Anyway, Wilson was commenting on social media and how it has changed the music business and the world artists must now navigate through and live in. She commented that social media makes it harder to get paid as an artist, but also that it causes the artists to work harder for a lot less pay, and perhaps that was not a bad thing because it might separate those in it for the cash from those in it because they are true artists and doing what they have a passion and desire to do - to create, record, and perform music.

I think music that touches people, regardless of genre, will always survive and prosper ... perhaps that's why some of the new artists on the Grammys were actually on the show? Labels will always manufacture pop artists and pop songs ... that's just the business of pop music, but does manufacturing rock bands really work? Sometimes maybe. I can think of at least one band that was manufactured and has enjoyed alot of success. But most times this appropach probably does not work in the world of rock. Maybe new rock bands should record some quality songs written by great songwriters instead of making an album with 1 decent song followed by 11 or 12 turds? But keep in mind, money and radio airply CAN polish a turd into a hit. After a song is played 7,000 times ... people tend to learn the song and start believing it to be a good song, even if it's not.

AUG. 21, 2012: LISTENER COMMENTS - Check out what the "East Village Vampire" had to say about The Foothill Tribe's track "World Upside Down" = "Listen up people, I defy anyone to show me a better [Soundcloud] upload in recent memory. I don't usual swear, but this is FUCKING brilliant!" Stream the track below and read the rest of the comments.

DAN AUERBACH: If you enjoy authentic rootsy blues rock, check out Dan Auerbach (Black Keys) DANAUERBACHMUSIC

Soundwerkz Exclusive Interview with Steve Robertson, Atlantic Records A&R (Paramore, Shinedown, More)

Soundwerkz Exclusive Multi-Platinum and Diamond Producer John Kurzweg speaks with Soundwerkz.The full version of the above interview can also be viewed here THE PRODUCER'S CHAIR: INTERVIEW WITH PRODUCER JOHN KURZWEG

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ABOUT SOUNDWERKZ: MUSIC IS OUR PASSION! Soundwerkz Entertainment is owned and operated by life-long musician, songwriter, music fan, and Entertainment Attorney Rob Gilmore. In the beginning (1999) Soundwerkz was one of the original pioneers of online independent A&R work and websites. Our goal is the discovery of new music, bands and artists - and offering the selected artists a way and means (free of charge) to get their songs heard and reviewed by the major label A&R Reps and others in the music industry in positions to actually help the artists. And we have been successful, but there's much work left to do!

Over the past 14 years, we have built our credibility, reputation, and personal relationships in the music business through old-fashioned dedication, persistence, hard work, mutual respect, and with our ears and passion for music.

We have introduced recommended bands direct to the major label reps who signed them. We've assisted in their record deals and watched with pride as their albums were recorded and released and their singles achieved top ten radio airplay success nationwide. We've opened doors for artists and musicians with managers, producers, labels, studios, gigs, and in alot of other ways. But there is much work left to do and we continue to pursue our goal of helping expose bands and artists to realize their dream of having a career in music. As musicians and music fans, we are passionate about music - we love it, we live it, we share it. At the end of the day, Soundwerkz is a labor of love and that passion shows.

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