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The hottest buzz-bands and latest hit songs from unsigned artists as vetted by the most trusted industry A&R sites, blogs, industry reports, charts, social media, and other key resources - all vetted again by Soundwerkz. The top results are then compiled into a straight forwad Email Newsletter for industry insiders and subscribers. Soundwerkz' A&R Aggregator will represent the best of the best, the absolute "cream of the crop" of unsigned talent delivered to our industry subscribers in an easy no-frills newsletter/email report. of these additional tracks.

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Since the launch in 2000, Soundwerkz has worked to become an influential voice in the music industry. Recognized and respected by industry professionals and artists alike, Soundwerkz is about passion for music and for discovering the hottest emerging artists and songs. We have shopped artists to successful major label deals and subsquent releases/tours and helped many individual artists and bands along the way.

Soundwerkz is not a commercial venture. No one buys their way onto Soundwerkz or into the pages of a TAARA. volume. Above all, Soundwerkz is about integrity and honest passion for music in a pure and honest format, not bogged down or bootstrapped by interests other than new music discovery.

Soundwerkz has garnered artist submissions and readers from around the world. Itís a place where A&R execs and other industry professionals come to discover and fall in love with truly great artists and a great song. I am tirelessly working to place Soundwerkz at the forefront of professional independent A&R tools and "go to" sites online. I am not sure there exists a name for what soundwerkz, and others like us, do, other than independent A&R.

Thank you for visiting Soundwerkz is about providing effective professional A&R services and artist development. Driven by a passion for music, we specialize in finding, screening, developing, and connecting quality talent.

For The Industry: Soundwerkz provides a professional screening function combined with the exponential reach of the internet as a potential talent pool. The site is consulted by members of all five major label groups, along with producers, engineers, promoters, managers, attorneys, agents and media outlets. Those that know us, know we are courteous, professional, respectful, and extremely selective and discriminating in what we vet and recommend.

Soundwerkz actively recruits local scouts in all geographic markets to scout to submit the hottest happending local bands and songwriters. In essence, this translates into an accessible "in the trenches" street team of independent talent scouts and music lovers who submit potential acts to the site.

How the site is setup for the Industry: The main site features postings on potential artists (featured artists), quick links or embeds of YouTube videos, and often the research that is available, photos, and contact information for those interested. The Aggregator is an industry emailer solely for industry friends and subscribers.

For The Artist: Soundwerkz provides the opportunity for exposure to fans and other bands, professional consulting, and access to our network of industry relationships. We guaranty that your material will be heard (this is due to personal experience as a musician and entertainment lawyer). Additionally, for music fans and artists alike - the site features interviews with industry professionals, pdated music news, the opportunity to vote on potential songs from time to time through sister site, and updates on up-and-coming artists.

History of Soundwerkz: The idea of Soundwerkz was born around 1996-1997. The idea was the result of my experience and time in musical groups, project/commercial studios, and my desire, determination, and persistence to do what I love - Music. I have spent the better part of my life on the artist-side of the equation...recording and writing songs, submitting demos, playing shows, doing all the things that an artist does. From that experience, I developed more than a handful of quality relationships in the industry - producers, A&R guys, attorneys, and others.

Realizing the value of these relationships, borrowing from my education and experience in the business/corporate world, and taking an enthusiastic approach to the potential of the internet, I sought to carve out a niche for myself within the music industry and to help other artists do the same. Soundwerkz was originally launched in early 2000.

Soundwerkz is not the largest or even the best known independent A&R site, but we are the most discerning and a respected source of information for the best of unsigned talent. My goal for the company is simply to be the most respected and successful independent artist and repertoire company on the planet and I continue the development of that reputation for finding and introducing to the industry future HIT ARTISTS on a CONSISTENT basis. It's been a slow process ... and there is much work to do.

Where Soundwerkz is headed: The plan is to continue to grow on two fronts 1) expanding the industry network through innovative and selective offerings, and 2) growing consulting and legal services for artists and songwriters, as well as growing awareness among artist/talent circles. I am researching potential artist development opportunities for the future by continuing to explore mutually beneficial partnerships that are interested in new ideas/models regarding A&R and artist development.

A bit about myself: As mentioned above, I have spent the better part of my life immersed in the world of music. More info on my background coming soon. Juris Doctor with high honors (Attorney at Law) More information the legal representation and law practice side of the house will be posted at some point in the future, time permitting.

I would like to extend a sincere "Thank You" to the artists for submitting your material. Without music, Soundwerkz would be a moot point. So please keep those tape decks and pro-tools systems rolling! I look forward to hearing even more material in the coming year! Thanks for supporting the site!


Coming soon. We've helped artists find major label deals with Atlantic Records, Elektra Records, Curb Records, helped musicians land national gigs and tours with bands, and there are other successes. A more shiny version is coming soon, so check back if you are into these things.